Club VOS - Valley of the Sun YMCA

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Club VOS Philosophy

YMCA sports are based on the concept that fair play is the very essence of competition. Everybody should have an equal opportunity to compete and a fair chance to win. This fundamental virtue is a special attribute of sport and inherent in it.

Fair play implies respect for oneself, one's opponent, and others involved in conducting the competition. Players, coaches, officials, and spectators share a responsibility for fair play. Fair play sets the game above the prize.

A fair chance to win implies that all players will be given an opportunity to play in practice and in tournaments.

The coaching staff is committed to developing the individual athlete to her fullest potential. Because of the competitive nature of USA Volleyball, equal playing time for all players is not guaranteed.

We believe that participation in USA Volleyball provides an excellent means of developing a predisposition to play fairly. As this virtue develops, it can influence behavior in everyday life.

The YMCA also believes that its sports programs can help people grow personally, clarify values, improve relationships, appreciate diversity, develop leadership skills, and have fun.

It is for the development of such virtues that the YMCA promotes its sports programs.