Club VOS - Valley of the Sun YMCA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the CLUB VOS Volleyball Program?

A: Attend Open Gyms/Houses and tryouts. Please look at individual branch locations for more specifics regarding these.

Q: Is it possible when I tryout that I will not be selected for a team?     
A: Unfortunately, yes this is possible. At times we are unable to place all the players that come to try-out onto a team.

Q: What age group do I tryout for?
A: Please view the Age Definitions set forth by USAV to see, by birthday, what age group your daughter should try-out for.  They must attend the tryout for their age group.

Q: How long is the club volleyball season?
A: Practices start as soon as tryouts are finished and you have been selected for a CLUB VOS team. You can visit the AZ Region website to see the AZ Region Tournament Schedule for your age group.

Q: How do I know what division my daughter’s team will compete in?
A: Once your daughter has been selected for a team, the CLUB VOS directors will place each team into a division that fits the ability of the team. 

Q: Does club volleyball interfere with school breaks and holidays?     
A: Yes. You will need to check your team commitments before planning family functions. You are committing to CLUB VOS for an entire club season, and your absence at tournaments & practices effects the team and the club.

Q: Does Club VOS travel to out of state tournaments?
A: It is a possibility that teams will travel out of state depending on the age and strength of the team.  This will be an additional cost and decided by Parents, Coaches and Club Director. 

Q: What do the season fees cover?
A: The fees cover insurance, background screening on coaches, coaches education and certification, tournament uniforms, equipment, administrative costs, gym fees and coaching salaries.